After teaching for 2 years, I moved to an eLearning development role. I was involved in eLearning, photography, coding, web design and video making for around 9 years. Having delved into elements of UX already, I felt there was more to learn about how humans interact with a digital interface. After completing a course specialising in UX, I was able to jump across into UX focussed roles. 

Outside of work, I am interested in landscape photography, and flying small aircraft.


My aim is to optimise the digital experience through great design and attention to detail.


I seek to create wonder and  engagement through digital solutions.


My mission is to bring great ideas to life by creating the best digital experience possible.


I focus on making each project the best it can be, no matter what it takes to get there.


I understand creativity and innovation runs parallel to delivering value and cost-effective creative solutions.


I strive to get the best from each project and remain accountable throughout the creative process.


I understand that clarity of needs and goals is essential to creating solutions and delivering results that matter.


I believe in long-term relationships with clients and committing to the goals of each project.


I understand that every project has challenges, but it’s important to never stop striving for best practice.